Brazil’s Most Popular Leader Has Been Convicted of Corruption on Flimsy Evidence – Mark Weisbrot

Lula da Silva and his Workers’ Party are an affront to the country’s traditional elite — which is itself mired in corruption — so they want to destroy him by any means necessary. (9/8/17) Continue reading “Brazil’s Most Popular Leader Has Been Convicted of Corruption on Flimsy Evidence – Mark Weisbrot”


Two Year Coup Plot Finalised – Brazil’s Corrupt Congress Protects Bribe-Saturated President

Glen Greenwald & The Intercept_ (3/8/17)

JUST OVER A YEAR AGO, in Brasília, one of the most nauseating and humiliating political spectacles I’ve ever seen took place over nine hours. In Brazil’s lower House – a body where a majority of members are implicated in corruption investigations – one dirty, shady cretin after the next stood up in front of television cameras and flamboyantly declared that their conscience, their religion, their God, their children, their devotion to Jerusalem, the memory of their mother, their pastor, the purity of their soul demanded that they punish corruption by removing the elected President, Dilma Rousseff, from office. Continue reading “Two Year Coup Plot Finalised – Brazil’s Corrupt Congress Protects Bribe-Saturated President”

Corporate Greed Takes Hold in Brazil – ITUC

Brussels, 18 July 2017 (ITUC OnLine):  The decision by Brazil’s corruption-riddled parliament to eliminate a swathe of protections in the country’s labour laws will impoverish millions of people and leave workers completely at the mercy of employers who will have unilateral power to set wages, holiday entitlements, working hours and bonuses.  Continue reading “Corporate Greed Takes Hold in Brazil – ITUC”

As Momentum Grows to Remove Brazil’s President, New Pressure Campaign Sparks Rage

Glen Greenwald & Erick Dau analysis from the Intercept

A NEW, INNOVATIVE public campaign, aimed at securing the removal of Brazilian President Michel Temer, was launched on Monday night with a new website, at, designed to enable public pressure on Congress. The site is called “342 Now” – referring to the number of votes needed in the lower House to proceed with an investigation and ultimate removal of Temer – and its complex design allows online users to send messages to every Congress member not only by email but also through their platforms on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and wherever else they may be found online.

Statement from lawyers to Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

12July 2017, São Paulo

Cristiano Zanin Martins and Valeska Teixeira Zanin Martins of Teixeira Martins Advogados (Lula’s lawyers) said: 

President Lula is innocent. For over three years, Lula has been subject to a politically motivated investigation. No credible evidence of guilt has been produced, and overwhelming proof of his innocence blatantly ignored. This politically motivated judgement attacks Brazil’s rule of law, democracy and Lula’s basic human rights.  It is of immense concern to the Brazilian people and to the international community. Continue reading “Statement from lawyers to Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva”