Our Events

Here you can find out all about our upcoming and past Brazil Solidarity Initiative events, organised in support of social progress, democratic rights and equality in Brazil.

Our most recent event.

Resisting Racism and Bolsonaro’s Far-Right : Solidarity with BLM Brazil & the Indigenous Struggle. – 7pm, Thu, 3 September

Far-right president Bolsonaro’s systematic destruction of indigenous protections has led to the spread of the virus into vulnerable indigenous communities around the country and his irresponsible stance is contributing to the growth of misinformation about COVID-19.

We’ve witnessed a rise in racism towards black, indigenous and other Brazilians, making Black movements in Brazil like those of quilombo communities, BLM; and the indigenous struggle vitally important at this critical time.

Join this special meeting to raising awareness, support and solidarity for the growing resistance to Bolsonaro and the far-right.

– Martvs Chagas, Brazilian Workers’ Party (PT) Secretary for Combating Racism
– Carmen Foro, General Secretary of the Central Única dos Trabalhadores (CUT Brazil)
– Kretã Kaingang, Executive Coordinator of the South Region of Brazil, Brazil’s Indigenous People Articulation (APIB)
– Melissa Evans, McStriker & UK anti-racista ativista
– Claudia Webbe MP, Brazil Solidarity Initiative Vice-Chair

Past Events (Brazil Solidarity Initiative)

Resisting Racism and Bolsonaro’s Far-Right : Solidarity with BLM Brazil & the Indigenous Struggle. – 7pm, Thu, 3 September

Brazil’s Coronavirus Catastrophe – with Jeremy Corbyn & Dilma Rousseff – 7pm, Wednesday, June 24th

Arise Festival 2020 May 27th – July 11th – The Brazil Solidarity co-hosted an international session at this people powered political festival.

Labour Party Conference Fringe – Stand up for Social Progress & Democracy in Brazil 12pm, Tuesday, 24th September – The Brighton Hotel, 143-145 Kings Rd, Brighton BN1 2PQ

Arise Festival, London, June 21 & 22nd – The Brazil Solidarity Initiative hosted workshops at this people powered political festival, with guest speaker Tereza Campello, former Minister of Social Development & the Fight Against Hunger.

Stand with the Resistance against far-right Bolsonaro
March 28th, Hamilton House, 4 Mabledon Place, London, WC1H 9BB

Brazil After the electionsNovember 20th, Houses of Commons, London

Past Events (No coup in Brazil)

Stand up for democracy & social progress-stand with LulaSept 13th, 2018, London

Latin America Conference 2017 – Adelante!: 2nd Dec, 2018

Stand with Brazil- An Evening of Solidarity:  2nd Feb, 2017

Latin American ADELANTE! Conference 2016 Nov, 2016

Defend Democracy & Social Progress in Latin America Oct, 2016

London Rally Says No To The Coup In Brazil! May, 2016