Ask your MP to speak out against political violence and attacks on the Brazilian election

By Patrick Foley, Brazil Solidarity Initiative

With the presidential election drawing closer, we have witnesses a disturbing rise in political violence against Brazilian Workers’ Party supporters and officials; while Bolsonaro’s regime is ramping up threats and attacks against the electoral system. 

In response to these threats, and the tragic murder of Workers’ Party official Marcelo Arruda by a far-right Bolsonaro supporter, an Early Day Motion has been tabled in parliament condemning political violence. 

Please ask your MP to sign EDM 285: Political Violence and the Presidential Election in Brazil

Together, we can show Bolsonaro that the world is watching and that any attempts to undermine Brazilian democracy and prevent free and fair elections will not be tolerated.

Please also share the call for vigilance over the Brazilian election on Facebook and twitter to help us get as many MPs as possible to sign this urgent EDM! 


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