WATCH: For Lula and the Return of Hope to Brazil

On June 23rd the Brazil Solidarity Initiative hosted an online rally in support of Lula and the return of hope to Brazil, with hundreds tuning in to show their solidarity ahead of the October Presidential election .

With former President Lula ahead in the polls, we came together to show Bolsonaro that the world is watching, and that we will fight back against any attempts to undermine Brazilian democracy.


– Romênio Pereira, PT Secretary of International Relations

– Julia Felmanas, Núcleo PT Londres

– Aline Piva, Progressive International Latin America Coordinator

– Rodrigo Toneto, PT Youth activist

– Richard Burgon MP, Brazil Solidarity Initiative Chair

– Stephen Russell, TUC International Officer

– Jess Barnard, Young Labour Chair

– Elda Cardoso, Frente Preta UK & PT anti-racist activist

– Luke Daniels, President of Caribbean Labour Solidarity

Hosted by the Brazil Solidarity Initiative and streamed by Arise: A Festival of Left’s Ideas.

  • The meeting was hosted on June 23rd, 2022. You can also watch in on YouTube here.
  • Unfortunately translation for Romênio Pereira’s contribution is currently unavailable on the YouTube link, we are aiming to get it translated and subtitled as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

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