Bolsonaro’s “Genocidal” Policies – An Open Letter to Humanity

A powerful open letter to humanity was signed on 6th March by Renowned Musician Chico Buarque, Leading Philosopher Leonardo Boff, and many other Brazilian artists and intellectuals.

They are urging to Brazilian national bodies, such as the Federal Supreme Court (STF), National Congress and even the United Nations to intervene and put an end to the “genocidal policies” of the Jair Bolsonaro government. Brazil has become an “open gas chamber” and they claim Bolsonaro’s “monstrous genocidal government” has become a global threat, not just for Brazil.

You can read the open letter in full below:

Brazil cries for help.

Brazilian people committed to life are held hostage by genocidal Jair Bolsonaro, who holds the presidency of Brazil with a gang of zealots driven by fascist irrationality.

This man has no humanity and compassion. He denies science, life and the protection of the environment.  His reason for exercising power is his hatred of other men.

Today, Brazil suffers from the deliberate collapse of the health system. The neglect of vaccination and basic preventative measures, the encouragement of mass gathering, the lack of lockdown restrictions come hand-in-hand with a total lack of health policies. This creates the ideal environment for new mutations of the virus putting neighbouring countries and all of humanity at risk.  We watch in horror the systematic extermination of our population, especially the poor, quilombolas (former slave communities) and indigenous people.

Bolsonaro’s monstrous genocidal government is no longer just a threat to Brazil, but to the whole world.

We call on the National bodies and institutions – The Supreme Court, the Brazilian Bar Association, National Congress, the National Confederation of Brazilian Bishops – and the United Nations.  We ask the International Criminal Court (ICC) for urgency in condemning the genocidal policies of this Brazilian government that are threatening civilization.

Life above all else.

Credit: Núcleo PT Londres

You can read and sign the letter in the original Brazilian Portuguese translation here.

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