Indigenous emergency: the Articulation of the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB) raise awareness about the genocide of indigenous peoples in Brazil.

To build national and international solidarity to the consequences of the spread of COVID-19 among Brazilian indigenous peoples, the Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB) will host the live “Maracá – Emergência Indígena” on Sunday August 9th .

Maria Bethânia, Criolo, Ai Weiwei, Caetano Veloso, Camila Pitanga, Philip Glass, Chico Buarque and hundreds of personalities will join Cacique (Indigenous Chief) Raoni, Sonia Guajajara, Nara Baré, Joenia Wapichana, Kretã Kaingang, Davi Kopenawa, Dinamam Tuxá, and thousands of indigenous leaders to bring the sound of “Maracá” and to save indigenous lives during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The maracá is a striking symbol of indigenous peoples and is present in rituals, whether of war or celebration. “We make our maracás resound so that indigenous lives impacted by the pandemic are remembered. Added to that, we draw society’s attention to what is happening to us”, comments Sônia Guajajara, APIB coordinator. The Maracá live-streaming webinar will be divided into blocks with the participation of personalities, indigenous leaders, and scientists.

Led by APIB, the production of this event was collective and had special collaborations by actress and director Bia Lessa, indigenous leader Célia Xakriabá, singer and composer Maria Gadú, artist Laura Lima and 342 Amazon gallery owner, activist Mari Stockler, and the designer Pedro Inoue. The script contains texts elaborated from videos of speeches by Brazilian indigenous leaders such as Chief Raoni, Célia Xakriabá, Chief Xucuru, Shirley Krenak, among others. These speeches will be interpreted by national and international artists and personalities, in addition to indigenous people from all over the country. The production also counted on the collaboration of Mídia Ninja and Mídia Índia.

Data from the Memorial for Life and Indigenous Memory show 20,444 infected cases and 592 casualties of the new coronavirus. There are already 143 out of 305 different indigenous peoples impacted throughout the country – including the Warao who is originally from Venezuela and is under refugee status in different Brazilian territories. “We are politically and spiritually prepared to charge and fight appropriately, making use of all legal procedures on official government agencies and courts to guarantee the physical, cultural, and territorial integrity of the indigenous peoples”, says Dinamam Tuxá, APIB coordinator.

Among the several hundreds indigenous and non-indigenous personalities that will compose the Macacá event are Adriana Varejão, Angela Kaxuyana, Bruno Gagliasso, Cacique Babau, Dira Paes Alessandra Munduruku, Eduardo Sterblitch, Kerexu Guarani, Xênia França,  Francisco Ashaninka, Martnália, Shirley Krenak, Lenine, Paulo Tupiniquim, Vik Muniz, Watakakalu Kalapalo, Marcelo Adnet, Puyr Tembé, Ícaro Silva, and Telma Taurepang.

Given the Brazilian government’s negligence in guaranteeing the protection of indigenous peoples amid the pandemic, APIB, together with its civil society and grassroots organizations, doctors and researchers prepared the Indigenous Emergency fighting the COVID-19 plan. It was launched in late June driven by comprehensive and adroit professionals that developed legal actions with political incidence, communication, and information strategies on preventive measures, and designed specific medical units to treat cases of the disease on indigenous territory.

The event “Maracá – Emergência Indígena” is part of the mobilization stipulated in the plan to collect resources that could finance actions in traditional territories. “Our objective is to raise funds for the APIB plan to confront COVID-19, which aims, among other topics, to finance hundreds of actions together with indigenous and non-indigenous organizations that are working in the various territories affected by the pandemic.”, commented Sônia Guajajara, coordinator of APIB.


To obtain more information about the event and on the status of the indigenous people situation during the pandemic, please use the following alternatives:

Live-streaming webinar “Maracá – Emergência Indígena” (Maracá – Indigenous Emergency), August 9 (Sunday)/ 5 pm Brasília time (4 pm EST and 8 pm GMT-3).

To connect go to the APIB’s social media at @apiboficial or contact APIB’s press team at

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