Bolsonaro Denounced for Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity

More than 60 unions and social movements, mostly health professionals, are calling for the Brazilian president to be condemned for genocide.

According to the Brazilian press, the International Criminal Court, based in The Hague (Netherlands), received, this Sunday (26/07/2020) a complaint that seeks to hold Jair Bolsonaro responsible for ignoring technical guidelines regarding the management of the covid-19 pandemic in the Brazil. The complaint, filed by more than 60 unions and social movements representing more than one million health professionals, points to “serious and fatal flaws” in responding to the crisis caused by the disease in Brazil, which totals more than 86 thousand dead and almost 2.4 million infected.

In the 64-page document, Bolsonaro is asked to be convicted of genocide and crimes against humanity, both for encouraging actions that increase the risk of virus proliferation and for refusing to implement protection policies for minorities.

The complaint states that the President never complied with the technical recommendations of the Ministry of Health to contain contagions, and that, since the beginning of the pandemic, it provoked agglomerations, appeared in public without a mask (even though he was infected), minimised the severity of the disease (he even called it “gripezinha”) and insisted on defending the use of chloroquine in the treatment of covid-19 even without scientific evidence of its effectiveness. In addition, the complaint refers to the veto of laws passed by the National Congress to contain the epidemic in the country (such as the mandatory use of masks in indoor places, commerce and religious temples) and to protect populations in situations of greater vulnerability, such as indigenous peoples and quilombolas. In early July, Bolsonaro vetoed the Federal Government’s obligation to guarantee even drinking water to this population during the pandemic.

“This attitude of contempt, neglect, negativism, brought disastrous consequences, with a consequent increase in dissemination, total strangulation of health services, which was found without the minimum conditions to provide assistance to the populations, resulting in deaths without further controls”, he can read up in the document.

This is not the first time that Bolsonaro has been denounced for genocide related to indigenous peoples. It is, in fact, the fourth. Three other complaints have already called for an investigation into his actions in the face of the pandemic in The Hague.

This article was originally published in Portuguese here.

This article was kindly translated into English by Ana Lucia Rojas.

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