MODEL ENVIRONMENTAL MOTION: Trade union/political organisations

This is a model motion on Bolsonaro’s attacks on the Amazon Rainforest and the need for solidarity with the millions of Brazilians defending social progress, human rights and democracy in Brazil.

Please feel free to adapt the motion to suit your organisation/goals and contact us at if the motion is passed.

This CLP/TU branch notes:

  1. Jair Bolsonaro and the far-right’s destructive anti-environmental agenda for Brazil.

This CLP/TU branch further notes:

  1. The Amazon rainforest is a vital environmental resource, its destruction will have hugely damaging ramifications in Brazil and around the globe.
  2. Bolsonaro’s close relationship with Brazil’s powerful agricultural lobby and the threat he poses to the Amazon rainforest itself.
  3. The sharp increase in illegal deforestation and mining in Brazil under Presidents Temer and Bolsonaro since the 2016 coup against Dilma Rousseff.  
  4. That without the 2016 coup, and the political persecution and jailing of 2018 presidential front-runner Lula da Silva, the far-right would not be in power.
  5. That the far-right government also pose a threat to working class organisations, women, Brazil’s black population, homeless people, LGBT+ people and the indigenous peoples of the Amazon.
  6. That since Bolsonaro’s election he has removed LGBT+ concerns from the Ministry of Human Rights, downgraded Brazil’s indigenous protection agency FUNAI, lowered the minimum wage, loosened gun ownership laws and committed to a hard-line austerity agenda.

This CLP/TU branch believes:

  1. That the protection of the Amazon rainforest is vital for the entire planet.
  2. That democracy requires the rights and freedoms of all the population to be protected and any moves towards dictatorship, repression and the abuse of judicial power in Brazil should be condemned.
  3. That a campaign of international solidarity should be organised to support those defending the Amazon in Brazil; and support those fighting to protect their right to campaign, organise and educate.
  4. That Lula should be immediately released from prison.

This CLP/TU branch resolves:

  1. To affiliate to the Brazil Solidarity Initiative.
  2. To invite a speaker from the Brazil Solidarity Initiative to a future meeting.
  3. To encourage members to support the Brazil Solidarity Initiative in its campaign to stand shoulder to shoulder with the millions of Brazilians defending social progress, human rights and the environment.

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