Letter – Lula’s jailing a blatant abuse of the justice system

MPs, academics, trade unionist and other figures are calling for Lula’s freedom following the revelations made by the Intercept, which show his arrest and jailing was politically motivated with the aim of stopping the Workers’ Party in the 2018 election. (30/6/19)

We are deeply concerned that Brazil’s judicial system has been used for political purposes with the imprisonment of former president Lula da Silva.

New revelations on how Judge Sergio Moro collaborated with prosecutors to ensure Lula’s imprisonment show a blatant disregard for Brazilian democracy and the rule of law.

There is growing evidence that Lula was jailed to prevent him from standing in the 2018 presidential election, which was subsequently won by far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro.

Bolsonaro has said that he wants Lula to “rot in prison.” Incredibly, Judge Moro has since been appointed by the president to be Brazil’s minister of justice.

We call for freedom for Lula and stand in solidarity with those defending democracy and the rule of law in Brazil.

Richard Burgon MP, Labour
Baroness Jean Corston, Labour
Grahame Morris MP, Labour
Dan Carden MP, Labour
Christine Blower, NEU International Secretary (NUT Section) & Brazil Solidarity Initiative Vice Chair
Tony Burke, Assistant General Secretary, Unite
Jo Grady, General Secretary Elect, UCU
Dr Oscar Guardiola Rivera, Professor of Law, Birkbeck
Dr Renata F. Peters, Associate Professor , UCL
David H. Treece, Camoens Professor of Portuguese King’s College London
Dr Fiona Macaulay, Senior Lecturer, Bradford University
Professor Alfredo Saad Filho, SOAS
Dr Angela Torresan, Lecturer in Anthropology, University of Manchester
Gabriel Cambraia Neiva, Ph.D. Researcher, University of Manchester
Lúcia Sá, Professor of Brazilian studies, University of Manchester
Tariq Ali, Historian & Writer
John Pilger, Journalist & Documentary Maker
Kate Hudson, General Secretary, CND
Nara Filippon, Comite Lula Livre UK – FREE LULA

A shortened version of this letter was originally published by the Morning Star here.

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