British open letter: The fate of Lula da Silva is the very fate of Brazilian democracy

Attempts continue to stop the popular former president Lula da Silva from standing in Brazil’s presidential election in October (Report, 5 April). Polls show he would be the likely winner, yet since the removal of President Dilma Rousseff, Lula has been subjected to a concerted campaign against him, where his basic human rights have been breached. As part of this, Lula has been subjected to a political prosecution and conviction, ignoring evidence of his innocence, and triggering a crisis of confidence in the rule of law. This is not just about one man but the future of democracy in Brazil. We believe he should be allowed to stand and the Brazilian people allowed to decide their own future.


Chris Williamson MP No Coup in Brazil
Dennis Skinner MP
Clive Lewis MP
Mike Hill MP
Jean Corston House of Lords
David Lea House of Lords
Tim Roache GMB general secretary
Kevin Courtney Joint general secretary, National Education Union
Zita Holbourne PCS and Black Activists Rising Against the Cuts
Dr Mehmet Ali Dikerdem School of law, department of law and politics, Middlesex University
Dr Michael Derham Northumbria University
Professor Julia Buxton Central European University, Budapest
Emeritus Professor Frank Land LSE
Salma Yaqoob Human rights activist
Tim Potter Barrister
Colin Burgon Honorary president, Labour Friends of Progressive Latin America

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