Stand with Brazil- An Evening of Solidarity

Thurs, Feb 2, 6:30 PM
Discus Room, Unite the Union, 128 Theobald’s road, WC1X 8TN

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An evening of films, speeches and eyewitness reports of resistance to the coup and neo-liberalism in Brazil with very special guests and up to date topics from the role of the media to building the resistance.


  • Chris Williamson, Former Labour MP
  • Francisco Dominguez, Head of Latin American Studies at Middlesex University
  • Juliano Fiori, Rio-based Brazilian Journalist & Alborada contributing editor
  • Christine Blower, President of the European Association of Teacher Unions (ETUCE)
  • Georgia Platman, former Telesur English Journalist
  • Orlando Hill, Brazilian Social Movement Activist

Come to show your solidarity with democracy and social progress in Brazil, and find out more about the current situation.

More details to follow.

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Supported by Alborada & the VSC– Hosted by No coup in Brazil

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