No coup in Brazil: Defend Democracy & Social Progress in Latin America

No coup in Brazil are hosting an international rally featuring an impressive line up with speakers from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Greece, Ireland & Britain.

It’s a vital time to show our solidarity with Brazil and the entire region after the ousting of Dilma Rousseff and the rise of the right wing in Latin America. Keep up to date and informed with our fantastic special guests.

Featuring Brazilian speaker: Julia Spatuzzi Felmanas, Workers Party of Brazil
From Argentina: Gabriel Mocho Rodriguez, Civil Aviation Secretary, International Transport Workers Federation
And Venezuela: Jacobo Torres, International Officer, Venezuelan TUC
Plus: Dr. Francisco Dominguez, co-author, ‘Right Wing Politics in the New Latin America’
Pablo Navarrete, British-Chilean journalist & documentary filmmaker
Susan Grey, No Coup in Brazil
Fintan Warfield, Sinn Fein Senator and LGBT rights activist
Kate Hudson, CND
Marina Prentoulis, Syriza
Chair: Joy Johnson, ‘Tribune’ columnist

Please register on the door when you arrive.

Sat 15th Oct, 1PM

Unite the Union,
128 Theobald’s Road

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