Unite Supports Democracy in Brazil

Unite committed its support to Democracy in Brazil at the 2016 annual conference where they passed a motion of support for suspended President Dilma in Brazil, condemning the impeachment as a coup.

Recognising progressive Brazilian governments in recent years, the impressive gains of Lula’s years in office were cited as an example.

‘Real wages increased more than 53%, 15 million new formal sector jobs were created, and 40 million people were lifted out of poverty’. An impressive 63% reduction in extreme poverty since 2003 and significant increases in trade union rights were also celebrated.

The recent shortcomings of the interim government were exposed and condemned: reductions to the public sector; reviews into the public health program, the abolishment of Women, Human Rights and Racial Equality ministries and the appointment of a highly controversial new cabinet.

‘In an incredibly diverse country, the new cabinet had no women, no Black ministers, or no one who identifies as gay, lesbian, or transgender, and no one from trade unions or social movements.’

This coup and the actions of the interim government could have a devastating effect on trade union rights, social inclusion and the welfare of the Brazilian people. With Britain’s largest union voicing their support at such a vital time, it will only be a matter of time before more of the international community follow.

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