British Parliamentarians: Dilma Rousseff’s suspension is an insult to democracy in Brazil

We condemn the suspension of President Dilma Rousseff in Brazil. It is thoroughly wrong that a few parliamentarians trample upon the political will expressed at the ballot box by 54 million Brazilians. The new government has shown its true colours by appointing a non-representative, all-male, cabinet and launching neoliberal policies that will hurt millions of working and poorer people. The interim government has no mandate to implement policies that reverse the social programmes that took 40 million people out of poverty. We join Brazil’s progressive political and social movements, and groups from across global civil society including the trade union movement, in condemning this attempt to overthrow democracy in Brazil.

Dave Anderson MP (Labour)
Richard Arkless MP (SNP)
Claudia Beamish MSP (Labour)
The Lord Jeremy Beecham (Labour)
Richard Burgon MP (Labour)
Ruth Cadbury MP (Labour)
David Crausby MP (Labour)
Jim Cunningham MP (Labour)
Martyn Day MP (SNP)
Neil Findlay MSP (Labour)
Gill Furniss MP (Labour)
Mary Glindon MP (Labour)
Roger Godsiff MP (Labour)
Iain Gray MSP (Labour)
Andrew Gwynne MP (Labour)
David Hanson MP (Labour)
Kate Hoey MP (Labour)
Kelvin Hopkins MP (Labour)
Graham Jones MP (Labour)
David Lammy MP (Labour)
Ian Lavery MP (Labour)
Clive Lewis MP (Labour)
Rebbeca Long-Bailey MP (Labour)
Caroline Lucas MP (Green)
Ian Lucas MP (Labour)
Angus MacNeil MP (SNP)
Fiona Mactaggart MP (Labour)
Rachael Maskell MP (Labour)
Stewart Malcolm McDonald MP (SNP)
Catherine McKinnell (Labour)
Julie Morgan AM (Welsh Assembly, Labour)
Grahame Morris MP (Labour)
John Nicolson MP (SNP)
Lord Martin John O’Neill (Labour)
Jenny Rathbone AM (Welsh Assembly, Labour)
Liz Saville Roberts AS MP (Plaid Cymu)
Tommy Sheppard MP (SNP)
Elaine Smith MSP (Labour)
Karin Smyth MP (Labour)
Graham Stringer MP (Labour)
Dr Phillipa Whitford MP (SNP)


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