We must stand internationally with Brazilians resisting Bolsonaro – Claudia Webbe MP

“Bolsonaro’s handling of the pandemic has been under investigation by the Senate. Legislators heard that in keeping with Bolsonaro’s dismissal of coronavirus as “a little flu”, he was resistant to buying COVID-19 vaccines, preferring to bet on ‘herd immunity’ as the way to beat the coronavirus.”  

Brazil’s mass protests against Bolsonaro and the far-right show that the country is at a tipping point. Our international solidarity is vital for those fighting for social progress, democracy and public health writes Claudia Webbe MP.

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The Rise of Authoritarianism in Bolsonaro’s Brazil

“Despite the huge economic, social and political crisis that is plaguing the country, the government seems to be more concerned about further radicalising its supporters, and is putting the Brazilian electoral system in check.”

Nathalia Urban, Brasil Wire, tackles the growing authoritarianism taking place under far-right President Bolsonaro – threats against the electoral system, false claims of fraud and the arrests of those speaking out against him.

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Lula’s Triumphant Return Boosts Resistance Against Bolsonaro

“This new ruling restores Lula’s political rights, enabling him to stand for president in the 2022 elections. He remains one of the most popular politicians in the country, with polls showing him well ahead of other possible candidates.” Writes Susan Grey, Brazil Solidarity Initiative & Labour Friends of Progressive Latin America.

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Open Letter: Under Bolsonaro, Democracy, Forests and their Peoples Face Enormous Risk

Over 70 Environmental and civil society organisations have penned an open letter criticising far-right president Bolsonaro for his attacks on, and attempts to control, NGO’s in Brazil. You can read the letter in full below.

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Brazil, Bolsonaro & Coronavirus Catastrophe

From the raging amazon fires to the ideologically driven mismanagement of the pandemic. the situation in Brazil is critical. Brazil is the third worst hit country in the world hit by the coronavirus, but this only adds to a plethora of problems caused by Bolsonaro and the far-right’s destructive agenda for the country, writes BSI Coordinator, Patrick Foley.

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